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Kris S. is an innovator of existing cardio and fitness machines. He has always been interested in sport (in his personal life) and willing helps others to achieve their goals. Having personal experience in athletics, gym, ju-jitsu and fitness he has been seeking new ways of managing body weight, improving body endurance and performance.
After three decades of being active in sport, he has recently discovered a hidden truth about the Upper Body Bike and its influence on the human body. The Upper Body Bike was invented nearly eight decades ago almost 80 years ago (as a physiotherapy tool) and is known today as the Cranking Machine or an Ergometer. Due to the global economy strictly relating to the consumption of good, the food industry is very active and offers endless types of nutrition.
This is good news, but many of us do not know which foods harm and which foods heal our bodies. The main assumption of a healthy life style is maintaining physical activity and fulfilling our body nutritional needs. Are we following these essential rules? Many of us can simply say: No. The fitness industry provides many methods of managing your own body.
We are here to present you with new tools and methods that require very little effort but provide enormous benefits to your body. After three years of study and research about the Upper Body Bike’s impact on the human body, we now have evidence (supported by other scientific research) that shows that using the arm bike for an adequate length of time and frequency shapes the torso much faster than exercising using standard methods. Moreover, you can manage your body weight more easily while having fun and keeping your brain busy.
Kris is currently working on finishing the first two prototypes of an improved Upper Body Bike, which will be launched in the UK, European and World markets soon.

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